Best 3 in 1 Wood Plyo Box Review

Hello Guys,Here is the review of one of my recommended 3 in 1 Plyo Box which you can get with discount at the end of this article.

Rep 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric Box

plyo box for plyometrics


The first thing in my mind to recommend this product to you guys is I personally experienced this Box and did many workouts on it and I had the best experience on this plyo box.As it is a Rep fitness branded product ithas a great quality.It comes with 3 boxes placed in a single box and it is easy assemble.It takes around 5 min with a power drill and around 10 min with screwdriver.It has a puzzle design and pre-drilled holes.Its a solid box which can hold more than 350lbs which is great.

plyo box for plyometrics

Pros :-

  •  Solid Box, holds more than 350lbs
  •  Rep fitness branded , Great quality
  •  3 in 1 wood box can be used by three persons at same time.2 persons can be used it as Step-ups    and 1 person as box jumps
  •  Easy assemble, Predrilled holes
  •  Larger, Dimensions vailable heights of 30/24/20, 24/20/16, 20/18/16, or 16/14/12 inches
  •  Plywood 3/4 thick inch
  •  Puzzle box design with internal bracing(on 2 largest sizes) for maximum strength
  •  Perfect for box jumps, step-ups, box squats, and CrossFit workouts

plyo box for plyometrics

Cons :-

  •  No hardware (which is not required actually for plyo workouts)


OUR RATING – 4.7/5

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