Plyometrics Introduction-How to start??

Hello guys,I’am very excited today to start this series on plyometric exercises. This post is an introduction to Plyometrics.Okay now what does exactly plyometrics means??

Plyometrics is an explosive exercises which brings our abilities outside and improve our performance. Many fast and powerful exercises are involved in it.These are mainly used by athletes to improve their sports performance. All the people now-a-days are interested to keep their shape and body fit and active. These exercises helps in improving the below activities







For this it’s important to a workout a Plyometric workout routine that will match to your needs because if you want to Throw harder or Hit harder then that may not be the same needs to the person who wants to jump higher or run faster.

So, your plyometric workout will depend on your goals to have on you or you would like to see yourselves.

Depending on the part of the body you use the most you can decide the Plyometric workout routine. For example while you are running you use most of the lower body so focus on primarily lower body Plyos but I would not eliminate upper-body Plyos from athletes such as sprinters and high jumpers because you are using your arm locks.

Plyometrics by lifting Weights

Some people get can benefit of lifting weights but for most of us its better to go with plyometrics and do weight lifting for great results. You became super athlete when you absorb all kind of resources that make you to participate in plyometrics.

Preparing for plyometrics

To start plyometrics one should know where you stand on your physical fitness to go for your workout plan.If you are a beginner than going for a aerobic workout plan is a great choice.So first you should make sure that you have a basic workout that improves strength and flexibility.You don’t have to be a great shape to do plyometrics but aerobics and flexibility is important.

If you are over weight and you want to do plyometrics then we would recommend you to lose some weight before starting plyos because that extra weight gives you rough impact on your joints.

Ok guys that’s it for now. I don’t want to make this post long and bored to you.Stay tuned for upcoming posts.Please subscribe us to follow our posts.Keep smiling.

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