10 BEST Plyometric Exercises for SPEED !!!

Hey guys, back with another great article for you to increase your SPEED with Plyometrics. And sorry for the delay in posting this article(due to lack support).Okay, Lets get started with plyometric exercises for speed.

plyometric exercises for speed

I’am sharing the best plyometric exercises for speed for athletes,football players,sprinters and all the who want to increase their speed.Before getting started you need to have good warm-up for about 5 to 10 minutes like skipping,foam roll,high knees etc.Okay these are simple ways to worm you up.Now I’am going to show you other dynamic ways which are more effective to increase your speed through plyometric exercises.

Rest for about the same time you worked out. If you worked for 10 seconds then take 10 seconds of rest. It is because to increase the strength in those tendons and joints for the those speed assets out there


Stand with one feet distance apart. Then lift up the right knee as high as it goes and raise the left arm,then left knee before landing right knee simultaneously. continue pulling up knees for 10-20 seconds and take rest for 10-20 seconds.

plyometric exercises for speed

Do this workout first because this workout gives ability to increase speed for the hips.


   Stand with one feet distance apart. Your arms should be bent along your sides.Bend the right knee and kick your butt with the right heel.As your leg comes down flex the left knee and kick the butt with left heel. Swing your arms as jogging. Repeat this for 10 seconds and take a 10 seconds rest to increase the strength.

plyometric exercises for speed


  Skip fast towards forward lifting knee to waist level while keeping your back leg straight. Continue moving forward in this manner. Switching legs faster and moving forward. Swing your opposite arm to the leg on the ground. Repeat it for 20 to 30 seconds and take rest for 40 seconds.

plyometric exercises for speed

This consumes lot of energy so do not increase the workout length for this exercises as you will get tired for other exercises.


 Exaggerate your knee raise with every step while swinging your arms to assist the move. This will help you bring your legs through powerfully and efficiently when you go back to running on the flat.Do it for just 10 seconds and rest for about 10-20 seconds. See the picture for detailed understanding.


plyometric exercises for speed

Do standing long jumps from the place you are without running. Use your hands and lower your body for jump movement to your body. Do these jumps for about 20 seconds and take rest about 30 seconds.


Repeat the above exercises regularly to see the dynamic results in your speed.

I know that some of the above things might already known to you but these are the best of best plyometric exercises for speed. Please support us by following us in facebook,twitter,google+  to continue and give you more more great stuff regarding plyometric exercises. 




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